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Pam Martin (hoof trimmer) says:
"Patch, the cute, little guy that gave my husband a workout!  His size and agility has proven to us again that the little ones can definately be harder at times than the bigger piggies.  Patch seemed like he was enjoying his "piggy pedicure," then he would decide he wasn't happy about being up-side-down.  In an instance, he would almost flip himself back onto his feet!  It was amazing how quick he was!  Once we were done, he forgave us and ate the goodies offered.  A great little guy this one!"

Pam Duran (owner of Patch) says:
"This is the first time Pam had worked on Patch. The normal resistance from Patch at first. Both Pam and her husband treated him very well. They kept talking to him and petting him. His vocal contributes were at a very minimum. This time the neighbors did not ask what was wrong with Patch. Very quiet - Patch at one point even fell asleep. This is a FIRST. This was his third trimming - first with Pam. Very good experience. Patch had very little stress and a lot of positive attention."

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